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I absolutely love this time of year, when everything is bursting into life and i’m eager to get outside each morning before work to see if another seedling has decided to pop its head through the damp soil towards the light.

Growing vegetables has become something of an obsession for me over the last few years. I fell in love with whole idyllic dream; the cottage garden, picking food just before cooking and saving £’s in my pocket.  I’m still hooked on the idea.

I would have to point out at this stage I don’t have a cottage garden more a suburban plot – but i did say it was a dream right?

With busy lives and instant technology its so calming to spend a few minutes or a few hours in the garden tending to an ever growing crop and letting my mind wonder free.  I imagine how hot the plump red chilli’s will be, who’s going to get my inevitable glut of cucumbers or why oh why i just can’t grow cauliflowers.

Last year I grew 23 different types of vegetables, largely thanks to a newly renovated wooden greenhouse.  Purchased on ebay for £80 it was a bit of a wreck and my husband spent many hours replacing the rotten bits, fitting new glass, sanding, priming and painting.  I hope you agree the result is a triumph!

It’s been painted in Farrow and Ball Lichen and its a little haven no matter what the weather.  In fact I like it best when i’m planting new seeds and the rain is gently tapping out its irregular rhythm on the roof.

Growing Your Own needs dedication, not everything will work and don’t expect to come back from a two week holiday if there’s been no rain to find your crop unaffected.  Having said that, for me it’s hugely rewarding and newly introduced varieties make growing veg easier than ever.  There’s other benefits too food miles are negligible, the taste of homegrown produce is fantastic and involving children in the whole process from seed to plate is a great way to get them interested in food from an early age.

Yes i’m totally hooked on Growing My Own.



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